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Some pictures of me

My name is Matthew, and I love telling stories. I’ve been infatuated with storytelling since I was a kid. I used to dream up superhero stories to draw for friends and family. When I got to high school I used writing to satisfy my storytelling need. And then I picked up a camera. Photography led me to photojournalism where I developed my style interning with several publications in southern Wisconsin including the Wisconsin State Journal, the Janesville Gazette, and Madison Magazine.

In 2010, a cousin of mine asked if I could do make a video of his wedding day. While I had no clue what I was doing at the time, I immediately fell in love with video. I have been pursuing that passion ever since.

I picked up photography and video to tell stories for people. I live for the personality, emotions, and moments I can capture in photographs and video that would otherwise be quickly forgotten.

I'd love you to be part of my story.

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